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'Increase your team's problem-solving toolbox by equipping them with new Mental Models in every module"

'I basically load my head full of mental models."

- Naval Ravikant

'The things best to know are first principles and causes, but these things are perhaps the most difficult for men to grasp, for they are farthest removed from the senses."

- Aristotle

'Don’t just follow the trend. You may have heard me say that it’s good to think in terms of the physics approach of first principles. Which is, rather than reasoning by analogy, you boil things down to the most fundamental truths you can imagine and you reason up from there."

- Elon Musk

“You need a different checklist and different mental models for different companies. I can never make it easy by saying, 'Here are three things.' You have to derive it yourself to ingrain it in your head for the rest of your life.”

- Charlie Munger

“Objective leaders identify their unproductive mental models and tweak them for greater effectiveness.”

- Elizabeth Thornton

“You can’t improve if you don’t know what you’re doing wrong.”

- Shane Parrish

“What separates good thinkers from great thinkers is:
1) The number of mental models at their disposal;
2) The accuracy of those models; and
3) How quickly they update them when they're wrong.”

- Elizabeth Thornton

What is Gamified Coaching?

Gamification is the application of game-like elements & feel to non-game contexts to engage people, motivate action, and promote faster learning.’ At Happiness Coach, we combine Gamification with Employee Coaching / Training in order to create effective Employee Programmes. Each coaching ‘module’ or lesson includes a team game which is based on scientific mental models and has specific behavioural goal.

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Each interactive team game below uses scientific mental models and has specific outcomes – designed to enhance employee experience & performance. Explore these games to see what fit’s best with your company goals:

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    Customized Gamified Program


    You can a movie production house, and the actors and technicians can only be brought via auction. Can you put the best crew for your movie, and make the most revenue. It is a game full of intense moments, critical thinking and decision making.

    Mental Models : seeing the big picture | entropy


    • Lets people appreciate collaboration, in a illusionary competitive atmosphere.
    • Being present and mindful
    • Being resilient and adaptable.


    Fishy Equilibrium

    Will you act for the greater good, or will you think only of yourself and your team? This game puts you in this dilemma, over 10 days of fishing, with an objective to make as much money as you can. A game of fun, betrayal, trust, and hope

    Mental Models: Nash equilibrium | Prisoners Dilemma | Pareto Optimality | Trust Equation


    •  Relate how humans are wired for competition, and starts thinking win-win
    • Assess how collaboration is built over Trust, leading to build compassionate teams. 
    • Infer that persistence is a key to build trust, and practices it.



    You are a small time vegetable vendor in a crowded market. The price of products are highly varying, and information is wealth, and you have very limited information. Can you trade, negotiate, hustle to have the best set of products that produces maximum revenue for you?

    Mental Models: seeing the big picture | entropy


    • Apply the principles of negotiation in to practise. 
    • Helps appreciate the science of persuasion.
    • Focussed on accountability and smart delegation.



    You and your friends go on a forest adventure, and are caught in a forest fire. With very little resources available, how would you survive the situation? This games combines both the individual and group perspective in to decision making.

    Mental Models: wisdom of crowd | consensus building


    • Helps realise the impact of collective decision making
    • Helps practise active listening and critical questioning skills.
    • Understand the power of wisdom of crowd


    One Vision

    You and your friends go on a forest adventure, and are caught in a forest fire. With very little resources available, how would you survive the situation? This games combines both the individual and group perspective in to decision making.
    • Practise effective communication, and feedback towards continuous improvement.
    • Seeing the big picture while adhering to attention to details.
    • Mapping to Lencioni’s 5 Dysfunctions of a team


    Race For Rockets

    Get ready to make Rockets. Different teams of manufacturers and assemblers are competing to get projects completed for NSRO. Win your stakeholder relationships, and also achieve your goals effectively, through a win-win approach.

    ● Acts a practise ground for 6 principles of persuasion to win deals.

    ● Manage stakeholders and roles using tools like the Stakeholder Benefits Matrix and the RACI Matrix

    ● Develop customer first approach


    Rail Roads

    Build a network of rails and roads, making an effective transportation system in the city! But everything you wish for is not granted, and things are uncertain. Played over 7 years, Can you and your team build an effective inter-connected transport network?

    Mental Models: seeing the big picture | entropy


    •  Helps people embrace and get comfortable with uncertainty
    • Avoids procrastination, and focuses on progress over perfection, and learning to course-correct
    • Helps people in recognising patterns amidst chaos.


    The CEO’ Abduction

    Can your team rescue the kidnapped CEO? Provides the participants the thrill of working together to decipher codes, solve clues to unravel mysteries.The game comes with scenarios which are not only super fun and engaging but intellectually stimulating as well.

    Mental Models: seeing the big picture | entropy


    •  Highlights the significance of effective leadership and team presence.
    • Help listen to various perspectives, and think out of the box to solve challenges. 
    • Increases the patterns recognition, and attention to details.


    So Farm, So Easy

    Be a villager for 2 years! Can you make the right decisions in times of uncertainty, can you plan ahead, and generate a good produce, and a happy profit?

    Mental Models: Tuckman’s team development model


    • Plan, prioritise, and manage a team virtually through the four stages of Tuckman’s Team Development Model
    • Manage risks, deal with crises, and make decisions while resolving conflicts within the team
    • Practice behaviours of 100% accountability, open communication, feedback, responsiveness, and trust



    A thrilling and immersive team challenge, where players are put in team to uncover a hard boiling case. Coordinate with your team of detective and forensic scientists to identify the culprit and his/her motivations


    • Infer and critique decisions from the view of Ladder of inference.
    • Helps people infer the various unconscious biases in their decision making.
    • Immersive game, where you get to upload pictures of evidence from around your home/office.


    Tough Deal

    Participants will take charge of 4 different cricket teams & agencies. They will try and get the best value for their players or their money in an exciting live game
    • Preparing for a negotiation, by understanding the needs of stakeholders.
    • Practical understanding of BATNA, ZOPA, and Anchoring.
    • Applying the 6 principles of science of persuasion.



    Express your emotion in a statement, and help your teammates guess it accurately in the Emotion Wheel. Emo-G is a social guessing game in which players cooperate to read each other’s emotions in communication.One representative of the team is asked to create a statement expressing a chosen emotion. Later, teammates discuss and try to guess exactly the emotion that is conveyed by the teammate.

    Mental Models: Pluctchik’s wheel of emotions


    •  Helps enhance one’s emotional vocabulary.
    • Understands the variou intensities of emotions, and how one leads to another.



    If you don’t understand a language, Can you communicate with just icons? This game challenges players to use just icons, to make their teammates identify an iconic figure.

    Mental Models: first principles thinking | systems thinking


    • Helps promote deductive reasoning.
    • Unleashes creativity and vivid imagination.
    • Promotes both divergent and convergent thinking



    Black and white thinking distorts reality. People who see the world in black and white, miss the nuances of situations. This party-style game puts a player somewhere in between two extremes, and challenges the player to come with statements to guide their team to the right spot.

    Mental Models: #grey thinking #yinyang


    • Instead of seeing things in black and white, players appreciate seeing things in Grey.
    • Help understand the other side of the argument, and make one open up to people, mindset, opinions and the world in general.
    • Help appreciate the goodness even in a negatively impacting situation, thereby creating more gratefulness and happiness in
      oneself and others



    How well do you know about yourself and your team/friends? This game helps you figure that out in the competition for the title of ‘Amazing Observer’. Understanding oneself is the first step towards Mastery, and this game, built over Johari Window, helps you open up, and discover yourself from the point of view of self and the observers.

    Mental Models: johari window


    • Increased self-awareness, via self-reflection and feedback
    • Getting to know more about your friends and colleagues. 
    • Helps you open up, and built trust and openness among teams.



    In SET, there are 4 attributes: Colors, shapes, shadings and counting and all come in three different types. A set consists of three cards that are either all alike or all different in each attribute. Race to find the SETs among the twelve cards

    Mental Models: #nash equilibrium #prisoners dilemma #pareto optimality #trust equation


    • Acts as a mindfulness practise
    • Tests one’s pattern recognition skills. 
    • Helps practise deep focus, and agility.



    Codenames is a team-based game focusing on word association. Can your team decipher the clues given the Spy Master, and locate all your spies before the other team locates theirs? No one can play this game only once.

    Mental Models: #convergent/divergent thinking #confirmation bias #group think effect


    • Help celebrate various perspectives of people.
    • Encourages people to play devil’s advocate, thereby appreciating its impact on effective decision making.
    • Cognitive biases like confirmation bias, groupthink are brought out through gameplay and lets people self-introspect.


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    A counselling psychologist by profession, Abs specialises in addressing mental health concerns of adolescents, young adults, and adults including stress & time management, relationship counselling, substance abuse, domestic violence, perinatal problems, depression, loneliness, anxiety, sexual issues, identity crisis and work issues, among others. She believes that therapy can hold different experiences & meanings for each individual, thus using an eclectic approach with her clients.

    Aditya’s passion lies in Career and Business Strategy. He loves Supporting executives and professionals with career obstacles such as self regulation, goal directed persistence, task initiation, planning/prioritization, role transition, organization and time management.

    His clients share from the experience about their coaching engagement  that they feel his coaching is an experience that is engaging, highly energizing and making learning fun. He has a strong determination to offer something different, with the intention of helping others succeed in their walks of life.

    His accreditations includes him being an Associate Certified Coach (ACC- ICF),Brave Spirit Icon 2017 I Youth Icon Recipient 2016 I National Service Excellence Award 2016 I National Education Award 2015 

    His experience includes 50,000+ hours that involves facilitation/presentation/training/consulting on a wide variety of topics globally across Dubai, Sri Lanka, UK, Canada, Indonesia, Australia, USA. He has successfully engaged with over 1,00,000+ participants from diverse backgrounds working on a national and international assignment since 2014.