It's okay,
to not be okay.

Find the right coach, counsellor or therapist to guide you towards the light at the end of the tunnel.

Find your way to happiness

Whether you’re here for career guidance, relationship hurdles, stress management or just looking for someone to vent to – we can help you. Our ICF accredited coaches & counsellors use science & evidence-based therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) to help you through your path to happiness. Check out the different services below:

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Why Happiness Coach?

Science Based

Our ICF accredited coaches use science & evidence-based therapies to create personalised sessions.

Tailored To You

It's NOT a one-size-fits-all approach. Your needs & emotional state are catered to with sessions created just for you.

Actionable Steps

Our powerful coaching plans are simple, fun, and come in bite-sized chunks that can fit in your schedule.

100% Confidential

We value your privacy. Everything is completely confidential & private.

Top ICF Coaches

Get access to India's leading coaches with ICF accreditation (International Coaching Federation), all on one platform!

For Everyone

Women, men, LGBTQ+.

If you’re experiencing an emergency and need immediate help, call suicide prevention helplines or go to the nearest hospital.

National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences: 08046110007
Fortis Stress Helpline: +9183768 04102