Become A Certified Coach

International Coach Federation gives you an opportunity to become a professional course. You can create a positive change around with extraordinary results by becoming an ICF certified coach.
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Become A Certified Happiness Coach

Happiness is all here within us. It needs a coach to chisel it well and refine it for better shine. A Certified Happiness Coach can do it all with an astounding soul connection. He can empower people to stay positive and collect smiles from everywhere.

Mindfulness Certification Program

Mindfulness is important for life. You can become a certified mindfulness coach to blend happiness and indulgence in others’ life. It is not a one-day task but requires one to practice everyday, as it covers business, relationships, lifestyle, and many such events of life.

Become a Certified Coach

Mentoring someone is an art that needs to be recognized by a throng. Gradually, stress is becoming a part of everyone’s life, which further increases the need for happiness. Happiness is, somehow, a psychological thing to be refined by our Coach.

International Coach Federation gives you an opportunity to become a professional course. You can create a positive change around with extraordinary results by becoming an ICF certified coach. 

What are the benefits?

This is a life-changing experience for a person that improves the leadership skills. Here are the benefits:

Let’s begin!

If you are passionate about becoming a professional coach, the first step is to register yourself in coach-specific training. Get trained with our coach and receive credibility in the industry. This will further help you to improve networking in the industry.

ICF Certified Coach training goes through the rigorous review process and offers high-quality training. Additionally, the ICF-accredited coach training will let you meet the other requirements of Credentialing and ICF Membership.

Feel free to contact us to know more about becoming an ICF certified coach. We will be happy to help you with all the requisite procedures.

A counselling psychologist by profession, Abs specialises in addressing mental health concerns of adolescents, young adults, and adults including stress & time management, relationship counselling, substance abuse, domestic violence, perinatal problems, depression, loneliness, anxiety, sexual issues, identity crisis and work issues, among others. She believes that therapy can hold different experiences & meanings for each individual, thus using an eclectic approach with her clients.

Aditya’s passion lies in Career and Business Strategy. He loves Supporting executives and professionals with career obstacles such as self regulation, goal directed persistence, task initiation, planning/prioritization, role transition, organization and time management.

His clients share from the experience about their coaching engagement  that they feel his coaching is an experience that is engaging, highly energizing and making learning fun. He has a strong determination to offer something different, with the intention of helping others succeed in their walks of life.

His accreditations includes him being an Associate Certified Coach (ACC- ICF),Brave Spirit Icon 2017 I Youth Icon Recipient 2016 I National Service Excellence Award 2016 I National Education Award 2015 

His experience includes 50,000+ hours that involves facilitation/presentation/training/consulting on a wide variety of topics globally across Dubai, Sri Lanka, UK, Canada, Indonesia, Australia, USA. He has successfully engaged with over 1,00,000+ participants from diverse backgrounds working on a national and international assignment since 2014.