This is a truth-bearing quote by Mahatma Gandhi, who is one of the most revered figures in history. The meaning of this quote seems simple, but it bears one of the most critical life lessons. That is, to get the future you want, you have to start working for it today.

Every human being fundamentally desires to grow. That could be spiritually, financially, or in any other way. Remember the hierarchy of needs? Humans frequently desire a higher hierarchy of needs once their present hierarchy is complete.

But the desires, dreams, and goals only play a small part in achieving the end result. The integral part of the whole process of the transformation is the persistent effort by you. You can manifest your dreams into reality only by striving hard in a consistent way.

Just as the saying Rome wasn’t built in a day, your dreams cannot be real in a single day. However, to make it happen, you need to start working for it today because achieving the end result is possible only if you focus your efforts right from the time you conceived the dreams.

Sometimes right opportunities might be lying beside you, Or in some other cases, they might not be there at all. In the first case, you just need to use the opportunity and take the road to success.

But in the second, you have to put in more work and create the opportunity because if there is no road for you to go, you have to lay it yourself.

Always remember that to get the fruit tomorrow, you need to sow the seeds today. Sowing the seed isn’t enough; of course, you need to constantly provide all the necessary materials for its growth and defend it until it bears fruit you desire.

The same goes for achieving what you want. You need to plan till the end and start working today. Many people fail even after they start working because, after some time, they just abandon the cause. The reason could be a lack of motivation, lack of knowledge, or any other thing.

But once you start something that is important for your life, never stop it without an appropriate reason. Always motivate yourself and never procrastinate because time is most valuable and non-renewable. Do not procrastinate at the beginning also, because if you start late and have not enough time, no amount of work you do could bring the result you want.

But there is a catch in all of this — In this pursuit of a better future, do not forget to live your life today. Life is incredibly short, so just “working” all day with a singular focus on the future might not be a great idea too.

So, make sure you accurately plan everything and correctly balance the time. However, everything might not go along with your plan. So build contingency plans along with the main plans.

Wishing you the best for your success!

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