Have you ever tried to accomplish something, and thought, “How come I can’t succeed when others easily can?” Most of us usually face such situations daily, in our personal and professional lives, and ultimately fail to fulfill our aims and goals.

But don’t worry because we at Happiness Coach have the answer to this problem – Neuro-linguistic programming. Read on to find out more!

What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)?

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a psychological technique that analyzes various strategies used by successful people and applies them to attain a personal aim. In short, NLP connects thoughts, learned behaviors and experiences, and language to achieve specific outcomes.

Neuro-linguistic programming can be broken down into three aspects:

NEURO: Neurology – our physical, emotional and mental components; the mind and body influence each other.

LINGUISTIC: Language – how we communicate with others and more importantly, with ourselves.

PROGRAMMING: Function – how we use our mind as an operating system to store past experiences, and our emotions and thoughts, and how these aspects wholly affect our lives.

Since its inception, NLP has been used to treat various issues, such as:

· Anxiety and Post-traumatic Stress

· Depression

· Addiction

· Attention-deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

· Phobias

· Schizophrenia

· Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

· Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

· Communication issues

How Does NLP Work?

There are three main elements of NLP; modeling, action, and efficient communication. The main idea behind NLP is that if a person can understand how others accomplish a task, they can copy that process and communicate it to others as well, so that they can also accomplish a similar task.

NLP proposes that all individuals have a “personal map of reality”. Individuals who practice NLP asses their own, as well as others perspectives and build an organized overview of a particular situation. This helps them gain in-depth information using all of their five senses.

In simpler terms, NLP is an experiential approach which advocates that if an individual wants to comprehend an action, they must first perform it themselves and learn from their experience.

NLP Theory – Levels of Change

According to NLP theory, there are six logical levels of how learning and communication develops and changes. These are:

· Purpose (highest level): This suggests involvement in something greater than oneself, for instance religion ethics, or a higher spiritual calling. It is the highest level of change.

· Identity: This includes your responsibilities, your roles in life, and the person you eventually want to become.

· Beliefs and Values: These include your personal beliefs and issues important to you.

· Skills: These include your abilities.

· Behaviors: These are the particular actions you perform.

· Environment (lowest level): This defines your context or setting, and the people around you.

This hierarchy of change basically describes the subsequent changes an individual makes at different levels in order to understand and learn from others how to accomplish a task. Making a change in a lower level might cause changes in a higher level, and vice versa.

Ultimately, the individual will acquire a new learned skill and become a step closer to achieving an aim or goal.

How Happiness Coach Can Help With NLP

Our coaches and therapists work extensively with individuals to understand their thinking, behaviors, emotions and aspirations. Having de-coded their personal map, our coaches then help the individual let go of unproductive strategies, identify and strengthen valuable skills, and devise new and improved strategies to reach their goals.

Using their expertise, our coaches ensure that you witness fast, long-lasting results, such as improvements in cognitive and behavioral patterns. Moreover, our trainers will help you develop an effective communication link between your conscious and sub-conscious mind, so that you can enhance your creativity and critical thinking skills.


NLP can teach you how to effectively communicate with yourself and with others. It is much more than a simple set of tools and practices; it is a means of knowing what specific changes you need to make to achieve your goals and get desired results.

Book an appointment with a Happiness Coach today and let the magic of NLP transform your life for the better!

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