Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is all about forming a communicative bond between the therapist and their patients. A major part of CBT consists of addressing concerns having a detrimental effect on your mental health and devising a solution to these problems. The therapy helps you become cognizant of the negativity that is affecting your mental health and steps you can take to overturn these negative aspects in your life into something that can make you more productive.

Happiness Coach is your CBT!

Our expert panel consists of highly-qualified professionals who are there to talk to you if you are going through a stressful period or suffering a mental health issue. We teach you how to handle stressful situations without having a complete breakdown.

But first, let’s discuss CBT at length.

What is CBT & How does it Work?

CBT is a very helpful tool for people who suffer from eating disorders, bipolar disorder, OCD, PTSD, depression, phobias or any other type of mental disorders. However, CBT isn’t only for people who suffer from mental health issues, it also gives people a sense of direction.

CBT is all about communicating your problems and feelings to your therapist. Your therapist in turn will carefully analyze these problems and suggest ways to overcome them. CBT works on the simple principle of divide and conquer; you break down your complex issues in to smaller parts and slowly and gradually try to overcome smaller hurdles until there are none left. Your therapist assists you throughout the journey by suggesting certain solutions and once you’ll apply those suggestions in to your life, you’ll find your problems fading away.

However, CBT in no way is a one day’s job. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day and similarly this too, will require multiple sessions that can range anywhere from 5-15. Patience is key and that is exactly what you’ll need to unlock the door to happiness.

How Happiness Coaches Practice CBT for You

Our therapists will encourage you to speak openly about your problems. This can be a bit of a problem for new patients and we completely understand how difficult it is to open up to a complete stranger, so to help with that, our therapists help you get more comfortable and create a trusting environment in your first few sessions.

Once you’re comfortable with your therapist, then they will ask you about your problems. They will employ several CBT techniques, such as exposure therapy, behavioral experiments, guided discovery etc., to focus on particular problems and help you solve them through a goal-oriented approach. As you go through sessions with your therapist of choice, you’ll be ask to do some homework in the form of different activities, reading, journaling or relaxing that help you build on what you’re learning in the sessions and then you’ll be asked to implement those things into your daily life.

Our coaches use their expertise in helping you identify the troubling situations in your life and how you can create a goal-oriented approach in order to solve these issues. They will also help you in identifying the negative thinking that makes you succumb to the stress and then reshape that negative thinking into optimism so that you won’t lose the fight before it’s even started.

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