Happiness Coach and its esteemed lineup of coaches offer a plethora of coaching services. Our services vary from assisting a person in sorting out their day to day problems to helping them get insights into their imminent future through astro-predictions and fortune cookies.

For a first timer, you must be wondering what a session consists of and what you will get out of it.

Here we break down details so that you can prepare for the upcoming sessions and keep your expectations in check.

The very first session between you and the coach of your choice is introductory and consists mainly of the usual formalities of introductions. After the introductions, your coach helps you slowly and gradually open up to them about the problems in your life. However, our coaches don’t have a magic wand, so expecting everything to be fixed in one session will be absurdly unrealistic. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day and the same way it’ll take a couple of sessions for you to actually start seeing results.

However, in your first session, your coach will try and make every problem that’s affecting you negatively crystal clear and help in devising a plan that when followed, will help achieve desirable results. For example, if your coach of choice is a life coach, then it can be expected that your coach will ask you about the problems that you’re facing and what may be the root cause behind them. The coach may then be able to architect a plan which will help you in overcoming those problems, but this overcoming procedure may take several sessions because overcoming fears and problems are easier said than done.

If you opted for a happiness coach, you can expect them to be a little more intrusive into your personal life so that they can get to the root cause of the deterioration of your mental health. You will be expected to open up completely, however you won’t be forced to do so, because our coaches understand how difficult it is to open up to a complete stranger on the very first day. Your expectation from this particular session should only be as high as the amount of information communicated. Your coach may then tell you about the problems in your life that should be addressed immediately and how to overcome them through a well-articulated plan.

If you are facing problems in your relationships and opted for a relationship coach, then you can expect them to ask you question about your relationship problems. You can expect a neutral verdict on each and every problem and for problems that you need help with, you can expect your coach to be all-ears so they can help you in either avoiding situations that give rise to those problems or find solutions to particular problems.

Business/executive coaches are there to help in your professional life. You can expect them to devise a plan that will help in becoming a more professional individual. In your first coaching session you can expect the complete breakdown of the problems in your professional life and what steps can be taken in order to solve them.

If you’re curious about what the future holds for you and have opted for a coach with expertise in astro-prediction, then you can expect them to use their expertise in looking into the future and accurately predicting what it has in store for you using astronomical predictions, tarot cards and fortune cookies.

Your first session with coaches with expertise in money-handling will mainly be them helping you devise a plan to better utilize your income so you’re not left with an empty bank account at the end of the month.

To put it into simpler terms, your expectation from the very first session should only be coming out with a clearer perception on where and how you’re going wrong and what steps can be taken in order to improve those situations.

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