5 strategies for gender inclusivity in boardroom

The global gender disparity for women in the workplace is much bigger than previously imagined, according to an innovative new World Bank Group study. A lack of female presence and leadership in the primary decision-making bodies of the private sector undermines attempts to minimize gender inequality and bridge the gender wage gap. 

According to the World Bank, gender inequality in lifetime wages is causing the world to lose US$160 trillion in wealth, or roughly twice the global GDP. However, there are specific initiatives that governments and the private sector may take to achieve gender equality on boards, which can assist increase corporate value and performance.

This blog talks about 5 strategies for gender inclusivity in boardrooms.

 Diversify the talent search

strategies for gender inclusivity in boardroom

First, firms should actively seek new talent outside of standard corporate jobs. Industry conferences and gatherings can be effective ways to locate diverse persons interested in board positions. This necessitates knowing what draws minority candidates to board rooms in the first place. Companies must endeavor to make board positions rewarding and worthwhile for aspiring candidates. 

This can be achieved by disclosing how your organization is meeting its legal obligations. Furthermore, leaders and other board members may emphasize past achievements as well as future objectives.

Expand Networks Beyond Company Borders

strategies for gender inclusivity in boardroom

It’s also critical to build networks that go beyond the bounds of the firm. External candidates can play an important role in increasing diversity on company boards. This is because outside directors are not as likely to have conflicts of interest and are more likely to contribute a fresh and objective perspective than within directors. 

But while these candidates can make substantial contributions to gender balance in the boardroom, an inclusive and rigorous nomination and selection process should  be in place.

Appoint Good People

strategies for gender inclusivity in boardroom

Indeed, one mistake that businesses should avoid is making the incorrect appointments. Some businesses may conduct tokenistic hires, bringing minority individuals to the board who are not always the most qualified.

Another flaw is cronyism, which might result in unqualified persons occupying positions of authority on the board, perhaps leading to poor decision-making or supervision.

To address these issues, businesses should prioritize transparency, accountability, including good practices in corporate management, with board members chosen based on their qualifications, expertise, and capacity to serve the best interests of the organization and its shareholders. 

Training Programs For Women

To gain these benefits and build a pipeline of diverse board members, businesses should develop training programs that groom rising stars from varied backgrounds. These programs, whether internal or external, provide future members of the board with the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to serve effectively on company boards. 

Participants learn how to recognize and evaluate legal, operational, and strategic risks, as well as establish risk-mitigation strategies. 

Good Work-Life Balance

strategies for gender inclusivity in boardroom

Companies should focus on a good work-life balance of their employees. According to a recent report by world bank, there ares everal challenges that women meet in accessing the global workforce and contributing to better prosperity. But the two most important of them would be safety from violence and access to childcare services. 

Women pay the motherhood penalty in cultures all over the world and companies should allow hybrid work models or WFH for women so that they can manage both work and motherhood. More women in boardroom will also affect number of women in other roles within the company as they can be able to ensure that women feel “seen” in the company and their problems being addressed..


In recent years, there has been a dramatic shift in the composition of business boards, with more women and minority candidates taking on leadership responsibilities. However, as businesses face economic uncertainties, the impetus towards more inclusive boards is moderating, mandating the implementation of proactive tactics -such as the ones outlined above- to continue development. 

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