The period 2021, March 21-May 7, shows a diabolical increase in the pandemic in India with many new cases (influence of Rahu in the 7th house in with Sun and Moon). Though many people will survive, there will be many deaths too – many more than during the peak around mid-September 2020. There will be a lot of anxiety and confusion in the air.

In my astrological assessment, the terrible peak is likely to occur during 2021, May 7-15. During May 15-June 24, there may be a gradual slowdown. By around June 24, things may be pretty much under control.

During this period, India may increase vaccine production and import more vaccines, which may play an important role in getting things under control.

Also, people who dropped their guard, attended mass events, became lax with masks, etc., during the last couple of months, just when a new mutant was getting ready to wreak havoc, they will follow protocols strictly, and that too will help a lot.

COVID-19 3rd wave

Unfortunately, there is a chance of yet another wave (or perhaps some other disease outbreak?) in India and the US during Dec 2021-Feb 2022. Though I haven’t checked other countries, perhaps it may be a wave hitting several countries, with perhaps a new mutation/strain that is highly contagious and deadly.

Though such a wave is practically unlikely, with vaccines expected to be widely available by then and nations reaching herd immunity, astrologically, such a wave seems pretty likely to me (hopefully, I am wrong).

So, even if things look good by then, perhaps it is a good idea to wear masks in Nov 2021-Mar 2022 timeframe and be extra careful.

One last word

This pandemic was an opportunity for humanity to pause and re-evaluate and mend its ways or change its perspectives & barbaric treatment towards Mother Nature.

Our lifestyles are unsustainable, and we are destroying Mother Earth and Her environment. And, mind you, Mother Nature is incredible in bringing its balance & bioengineering and can destroy species that threaten collective existence on earth.

This pandemic was just a warning shot. If we do not mend our ways, this will be followed in a few years by something worse and more disastrous. It can be another disease or a major war.

In general, this whole decade seems chaotic and may culminate in a major war. But we can mould our collective destiny by acting decisively and responsibly NOW.