How To Overcome The Fear Of Being Judged

Let him who is without sins cast the first stone’… Should this not be reason enough to free yourself from the fear of being judged? However, this is the 21st century we are talking about, where every mouth has an opinion about everyone but themselves. Freedom of speech has somehow been misinterpreted as the freedom to mindlessly judge… a behavioral vice that has been causing anxiety, panic and depression among an alarming percentage of people these days.

Overcoming negative opinions of people about you is seldom easy but is very essential if you wish to keep your emotional health and overall well being intact. If you are among the thousands of others that have been judged mindlessly for the wrong reasons, read on to find out How you can Overcome the Fear of Being Judged and put people with unnecessary opinions in their place

Who Exactly Are These People?

Identify the people that are incessantly judging you. Are they your family members, friends, relatives, colleagues, distant acquaintances or random social media fake account holders that hang around to foul mouth others because their own lives are neck-deep in muck?

Do these people really matter? Opinions of your spouse and immediate family always matter. Genuine friends can also give honest opinions for your actual betterment. But the rest can be labeled and dismissed as unnecessary. No second thoughts about it… just DISMISS.

The bliss is worth it.

What Are They Judging You For?

Sit down calmly and spend a while reviewing, what exactly are these people judging you for? Is it because you are not a morning person or binge watch Netflix on weekends? Or is it because you are not interested in gym memberships and fad diets? Are you judged for being a little overweight and still indulging on pizza nights or do these ‘people’ feel you must get married and raise a family because you are way past your ‘prime’?

REPEAT AFTER ME… If Your Actions Are Not Illegal, No One Can Judge You For It… Period.

Empty Vessels Make More Noise

People that pass random judgements on others in terms of how they should live their lives, how they should react to situations, how they should feel, how they should look, what they should do for self-improvement etc. are often the ones that have nothing sorted out in their own lives.

Psychologically, they feel an instant mood-boost in pointing out possible negative traits in others so that they can feel better about themselves. Those that judge aggressively, often to the level of bullying, are emotionally, morally and ethically drained. Reacting to their judgments will only feed their ego and encourage them to judge you even more.

So, laugh out loud when they slather their opinions on you and do what you do while they are watching.

You Are Not A Computer Program – You Are Human – Uniqueness Is Your Birthright

You have the right to be different. You have the right to do things your way as long as it is not hurting anyone else or you, be it physically, mentally, emotionally or financially. No one… No One can judge you for being different from the ‘rest in the society’. How you choose to live your life, how you choose to invest your money, how you approach relationships, what you choose as your profession and so on and so forth is nobody’s business.

Take a look at some of the greatest painters, scientists, artists, poets and musicians that have their names etched indelibly in the pages of history. Had they given their ears to judgement, we would never have known them today.

Final Thoughts

Remember, ‘nobody knows you better than you’ and ‘Nobody will ever understand why you do what you do’ because they have never been in your shoes. Therefore, if people’s opinions and judgments are not paying your bills or improving your life in any way whatsoever, Kick dust on it and move on.

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