“2nd Wave of COVID Intensifies Depression And Anxiety Within Families”

Global Statistics On Mental Health Issues Caused Through COVID Pandemic

Did you know, as, on January 2021, a whopping 41% of adults in the USA reported symptoms of anxiety and depression, and the reports are just as shocking all over the world? The elderly, especially those with existing ailments, as well as children / young adults under the age of 18, have reported steady deterioration of mental health through the second quarter of 2020 to the first quarter of 2021.

Global suicide rates had also witnessed a surge during this phase, especially among people with pre-existing mental / psychological issues. While these statistics are no joy to read, a decline in the number of reported cases after lockdown relaxations had appeared as the silver lining. However, with the 2nd Wave at stones’-throw, reports predict that chronic depression and anxiety within families is all set to intensify.

Why COVID Has Accelerated Depression and Anxiety Within Families

There’s only so much your mind can handle, and COVID 19 has surely pushed limits. Let’s briefly analyze why COVID has accelerated depression and anxiety within families…

Why the Second Wave poses tangible Challenges

Just when we thought life was returning to normal, the 2nd Wave dances its way in. There will be more lockdowns, more restrictions, more economic uncertainties and increased health risks. Topped with a shortage of the newly discovered vaccines, the global population will remain in a constate state of fear which can directly trigger anxiety and depression.

How to cope with Depression and Anxiety through the 2nd Wave

Easier said than done… But there is no other way out.

The Bottom Line

Let’s not lose hope, we are all in this together. Coping with depression and anxiety through the 2nd Wave is possible with understanding, support and, of course, the right information on addressing the issue. Remind yourself, ‘This is Only a Phase, and this Will Not Last Forever.

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