The global Pandemic 2020 has shaken us to our very foundations. Incessant lockdowns, loss of jobs, social alienation, financial crunch, cancellation of travel plans, widespread pain and suffering; loss of near and dear ones, and of course, adjusting to a sudden change in lifestyle has put the global population in a state of shock.

And with the Second Wave sending us back to uncertainties once again, gloom and despair seem omnipresent.

However, like the silver lining to every cloud, there is a list of core life lessons that the pandemic has taught us. Here are 5 such lessons that can enrich our lives even when the Pandemic is over.

Health is Your Greatest Asset

For the greater percentage of the global population, 2020 was the year of reintroduction to Health and Immunity. With loads of money failing to cure the virus in those with neglected health conditions, we have finally woken up to

We Don’t Need to Go Out as Much as We Have Been

Let’s face it. We have spent too much time, effort, and money to step out of the house unnecessarily. While it is true that going out once in a while is good for your overall well-being, do we need to do this every day? The pandemic has taught us that

Technology makes all this possible. Therefore, this phase has also taught us to befriend technology the right way and be grateful for all the benefits we receive from the same. We at Happiness Coach also helping people to create a positive outlook by leveraging technology. We offer flexible coaching services to help every individual in their self-discovery journey.

Nature Needs a Break Too

If you remember the focus of global issues right before the Pandemic broke out, it was about

NATURE NEEDED A BREAK, Mother Earth is angry, and she needs to recover; and thus, here we are holed up in our concrete blocks trying to avoid impending doom. If we don’t mend our ways, the holocaust will soon follow, and we have no one to blame but ourselves.

Solitude is Food for Your Soul

We may have been forced into our homes for longer than we thought, but this is perhaps the best time to reflect on self-improvement. Love and understand yourself. Our ICF-certified coaches can help you to deal with the things holding you back in life.

Here are few things you can do.

Solitude always brings out your best potential, use it while it lasts.

Save Money and Be Prepared For Anything

Whatever your lifestyle or expense habits may be, there is always room for saving money. It is advisable to have at least 3 months’ worth of your salary as a base amount in your bank at all times. Our ICF-certified coaches can help you develop good financial habits.

The pandemic has taught us to reflect on all the unnecessary materialistic excesses that clutter our lives and drain useful funds from our pockets. As expressed by individuals that have gone through the worst financial crunches in 2020…

The list can go on and on.

At the end of the day, as our wise ancestors said, a penny saved is a penny gained’ and can come very handy on rainy days.

The Bottom Line

It is never too late to mend our ways and learn the lessons that the pandemic is trying to teach us. We still have a chance to live a better life. Following the protocols is the first step to get things back to normal.

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