The line between pride and ego is extremely thin. And when your pride comes between you and your partner, it starts affecting your relationship negatively. Admitting your mistakes becomes hard in a pride-filled relationship. Pride makes people self-centered, vulnerable, arrogant, and toxic.

Here are the 5 ways pride can ruin your relationship:

We Start Ordering Instead of Asking for Help

People usually ask for favors whenever they need help from someone. But when people are filled with pride they don’t see themselves as a person seeking help. They start ordering others to do their work and this behavior makes relationship very toxic. Showing gratitude and respecting each other is extremely important for a long-lasting relationship.

We Take Things for Granted

When a person is filled with pride they hardly appreciate or thank others. They become self-centered and start taking things for granted. When someone realizes that whatever they do is taken for granted and their partner is not appreciating their sincere efforts, it fills them with anger, dissatisfaction and sadness.

It slowly kills the relationship as the person stop making efforts, and it eventually becomes meaningless for them. On the other hand pride-filled people keep believing that their partner won’t leave them under any circumstances, which is not true.

We Ignore other’s Needs

A healthy relationship works on a principle “what is mine is yours and what is yours is mine,” but when pride comes in that relationship, the concept entirely changes and becomes “mine and yours”.

In a prideful relationship, a person becomes so self-centered that he /she tend to start forgetting about their partner’s needs. These issues should be identified earlier in the relationship, otherwise it can lead to serious consequences. In a healthy relationship we always expect our partner to understand our needs and stand beside us whenever we need them.

We Refuse To Accept Mistakes

Realizing and accepting our mistakes is the key to become a better version of yourself. Admitting our mistakes make us trustworthy, and we also learn from our mistakes. People with pride hardly accepts their mistakes.

When we keep denying our mistakes, it diminishes our value and people stop trusting us. Nobody likes to rely on you when they can’t trust you. For a fulfilling relationship, It is very important to take responsibility of your mistakes.

We Tend to Do Everything To Get Credit and Advantage

When pride-filled people do something for someone, they usually expect something in return. Even they do favors to get credit or any advantage in return.

This behavior is really toxic, and it can make your relationship worst. After doing something for someone they start boasting about it.

They will never approve to do something that they can’t take credit for. People usually try to keep distance from such people with toxic behavior.

If you are experiencing any of these situations in your relationship, it’s high time to reflect on this and change your attitude and behavior towards your partner.

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