6 Planet Rare Combination in Capricorn sign after 59 years, 6 planets will rejoin sign Capricorn.

Medini astrology states that if 5 or more planets come in one zodiac (except Rahu-Ketu), there are significant geopolitical changes in the country and the world, which last for several decades. When the planets like Sun, Guru, Saturn, Mars, Mercury, and Venus, etc., come in one zodiac, emergency situations like war or big mass movements arise and major issues with the governments.

On 11th February, 6 planets -Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Guru, and Saturn will come together in the Capricorn sign and bring big political and social changes in the whole world.

1) Any law and order will create a stir possibility of major incidents or riots / financial scams.

2) Around this time, we may see some action by the USA in international water borders, USA and its alliances may have to face consequences of its actions or any natural calamities or problem / unwanted events related to international water borders water regions.

3) Precious metals, agricultural products, or food items/commodities will become more expensive either due to natural calamities or due to some government policies.

4) Harm to wild animals & major fire accidents /incidents in forest regions.

5) We will also see that OTT platforms will dominate.

6) There can be the launch of a new satellite or a change in the existing satellite.

Effects in India

In Medini astrology, the influence of Capricorn is primarily considered in India. Capricorn is the ninth house of the Ascendant horoscope of Azad India, in which the transit of large planets in this zodiac is extremely troublesome to India due to its low point in the Ashtakavarga.

India, which is suffering from the Corona epidemic, economic depression, and borderline escalation with China, may get caught in a major crisis in the first half of this year. Due to the influence of the 9th house of India’s horoscope by the 6 major planets, a change in any law can cause an uproar. Apart from this, there is also a possibility of big political and social movements in the country due to rising unemployment and inflation/ civil war type of situation.

On February 11, 2021, conjunction Jupiter & Venus are within 1-degree orb, Jupiter being in a lesser degree than Venus, which causes a planetary war between Jupiter and Venus, Jupiter is the loser. hence as per BRIHAT SAMHITA, some following events are possible

1) Travelers and eminent men will perish.

2) Parts of India, Especially Uttar Pradesh regions, Central India, eastern coastal regions between Mahanadi and Godavari rivers, Orissa, the northern part of Andhra Pradesh, Chattisgarh, West Bengal, southern western Bangladesh, Madhya Pradesh & Rajasthan will suffer miseries.

3) The Brahmanas ( probably Hindus) & Kshatriyas ( probably non -Hindus ) will be at war and there will be no rain.

4) Tensions will be at a peak with China / Pakistan. It will result in war or a war-like situation.

5) Some senior members of the political party, as well as noted personalities from the entertainment industry, will face health issues or expire because of the conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn.

6) Communal & religious disturbances will rise.

7) Stock exchange market can see new lows & high fluctuations will be highly unpredictable.

8) Accidents in the communications sector.

9) Major issues with the government & severe problems with the governmental bodies.

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