Top 5 Benefits Of Gamification In Learning

Classrooms, lectures, binders and boredom… the ways of conventional corporate training are taking their final steps to irrelevance. Be it work-from-home or otherwise, no one, absolutely ‘No One’ would want to spend two good hours of their day sitting through wordy lectures that can lull their grey-matter to sleep in just 15 minutes through the session.

Common outcomes of conventional corporate training approaches, as reported by innumerable companies that had invested sizably in this attempt, include…

  • Serious lack of interest for the session
  • Boredom and conscious disengagement from training
  • Non-retention of information
  • Zero motivation for future training sessions and most importantly…
  • No tangible improvement in skills and productivity in employees / teams

Gamification Saves The Day!

Gamification of the corporate learning process though, has changed the course of events in a revolutionary manner. This is perhaps the most exciting, engaging and scientifically backed route to help corporates train their team and help them level up to required skill standards without having to try too hard.

By the simplest definition, Gamification is a system of learning that follows a game-like pattern designed around the concerned skill set that needs to be perfected. The training, that is presented in the form of a game, requires the participants to…

  • understand the ‘problem’ presented in the form of a story
  • learn new skills presented in bite sized, enjoyable and practically usable format
  • apply their newly learnt comprehensive / judgment / problem solving / technical skills to accomplish the levels

And yes, like all games, there are rewards on completion as well!

5 Unbeatable Benefits Of Gamification in Learning…

As a worthy successor of conventional learning methods, Gamification has certain inherent advantages that has etched its importance indelibly in the corporate environment. And Here are 5 core benefits that made us realize that the world is going nowhere without Gamification in this century…

Recognizing core competencies

Gamification is one of those ingenious learning methods in which one can almost instantly see how quickly the learners pick-up new skills and how they apply the same for problem-solving as they progress through the training program. This is one of the best ways to identify core competencies in the team members, which further helps in assigning them the right set of duties which they are the best capable of handling. Conventional classroom / lecture methods are often lacking in this respect.

Real engagement with Real motivation

The nature of Gamification is such that the course cannot move ahead without active participation from the team. Therefore, everyone needs to be present; everyone needs to be active; everyone needs to employ their skills and everyone has to put in conscious efforts in order to qualify.

With Gamification, there is absolutely no scope of sleeping through the lessons and get certified once you wake up and complete the questionnaire.

Learning with maximum information retention

Unlike conventional training methods, which are mostly theoretical in nature, Gamification makes learners apply their newly acquired skills instantly in mock situations as the game progresses. With theory and practical conducted side by side, learners are bound to learn quickly and retain information for long as well.

Inculcating team spirit and healthy competitiveness

The corporate environment is already neck deep in over competitiveness which often leads to grudges, bickering, stress, burnout and serious lack of productivity among team members.

Gamification, which is often a team learning experience, helps bridge such gaps with game-based learning environments that propel learners to achieve success ‘as a team’ than individually.

This allows everyone to understand the importance of their unique place in the team and carry out their share of responsibilities perfectly so that the entire team can march to victory. The experience at the end of a Gamified training course is very rewarding.

Applicable in all core corporate aspects… Sales, Compliance or Leadership

Sales, Compliance and Leadership are the 3 core aspects of any corporate environment that require continual advancement of skills.

Each of these aspects may be unique in their own terms but, require learners to

  • be 100% engaged in the training
  • understand practical application of new skills
  • learn to develop and employ creative solutions to unique problems

Gamification is the perfect way to prep team members to accomplish all of these desired results very quickly and effectively.

Final Thoughts

Gamification is not a choice any more. It has in fact, become a necessity. Trainees, employees, team members and corporate leaders across all industries and age groups have already expressed that learning without gamification is no longer conceivable and gamified approach to corporate training is 100% likely to hold its relevance for years to come.

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