How to navigate the month of uncontrolled fire element-August & September

Between 16th August to 16th September, a unique event will happen in the planetary position in the universe which occurs once in 50 or 100 years.

We all know that the entire universe is made of five elements: Space, Earth, Water, Air & Fire and All the Zodiacs are divided among these four Elements. 

During 16th August to 16th September 2020 ruler of all the Fire element zodiacs: Mars, Sun, Jupiter are coming together with their zodiac: Aries, Leo & Sagittarius.

According to ‘Kalpurush Kundli’, we will see that during this time, Aries ruling planet Mars will be in Aries only, Leo’s ruling planet Sun will be in its zodiac, i.e. Leo only & Sagittarius ruling planet Jupiter will be again in its own zodiac house Sagittarius.

This means that there will be too much presence & impact of fire element between 16th August to 16th September-MONTH OF FIRE ELEMENT.

As scriptures say “Controlled fire will serve you and uncontrolled fire will burn you.”

So the planetary position during this period shows the presence of uncontrolled Fire in the universe which will affect us.

This next time, therefore, with too much presence of Fire element will be tough. With too much of Fire element around us, we will feel boundless energy impacting our lives. 

So there can be chances of Protests against the government. It can take the form of the possibility of Civil war or civil unrest in some countries.

There is a possibility of this current pandemic -COVID -19 increasing more.

There can be the possibility of increasing tensions between India-China or USA -China.

Suppose we speak about it in astrological terms. It is said that Sun is a King, Mars is a commander& Jupiter is an advisor. These Three planets will in their zodiacs riled bu Fire element which indicates that there can be a possibility of a Warlike situation too.

This planetary combination is also indicative of purifying / detoxifying immoralities -ongoing sinful activities prevalent in the society. Individuals do any immoral actions, or bad karmas will be exposed during this period -Time to repay.

This planetary fire combination also shows the possibility of a meteor coming towards earth or thunder or lightning striking, causing casualties or any other types of natural calamities like Tsunami, floods, Earthquakes.


The overall advice is to be cautious, aware & alert during this time. Don’t make any hasty decisions under an emotional outrage because it can cause you harm & you will repent it in coming times. Do tread carefully before making any decisions or doing any act which is not morally sound. Be focussed & in emotional control, Think twice before taking any steps.

Especially when Mars will retrograde around 10th September, there can be some big event/mishappening cam take place. So avoid travelling etc. mainly to areas near water from 10th to 13th September as there is some possibility of water calamity according to astrological calculations.


This time will be though beneficial to the natives with Aries, Leo & Sagittarius zodiacs.

They may get excellent opportunities in business, career and their relationships with family, friends/ partners will also improve.

Even the natives with Gemini, Libra & Aquarius zodiac signs will also seem to be benefiting with this planetary position.

Market Predictions for August 

According to the August stock market prediction, the altering movements of several planets at the beginning of the month will have a grave impact on the Stock Market. Venus will enter into Gemini with Rahu, due to which it will have an opposite inspection on Ketu and Jupiter conjunction. The conjunction of Mars, Venus and Rahu, which are called fiery planets, will cause the market to remain volatile and sensible traders will take the decisive advantage to make increments.

When the planet enters the Pushya Nakshatra on the 4th, there will be a slight decline in the prices of Silver and Gold. It will not go more than 54 or 55k, though in September it can again reach to 58,350. So investment in gold & silver is still worthwhile. Mercury, the significator planet of Commerce and Trade, will form an alliance with the Sun in the Ashlesha constellation, which will lead to a surge in shares of the Gas, Mines, Crude oil, Affordable housing and Cement sectors.

The market may see a boom until the 21st. But from the 22nd, the position of the planets will change, which will cause a slowdown in the market. By the 29th of this month, the Retail Market will experience deflation.

According to the Stock Market predictions 2020, this coincidence will bring smiles on the faces of the Bulls. Although due to the ongoing pandemic, the Share Market has been majorly affected, which may further impact several predictive aspects in the upcoming future.

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