A staggering 77% percent of corporate and business establishments at a global level, have reported a serious lack of leadership in their organizational ambience. At the same time, 83% have agreed that encouraging leadership at all levels is inarguably essential.

And why shouldn’t it be, given that identifying leaders at their early stages can fuel immediate or future appointment of perfect fit candidates in key decision-making positions like, CEOs, CFOs, Managing Directors etc. and vital executive positions like team leads.

Good leaders are celebrated catalysts for productivity maximization, goal accomplishments, maintaining team harmony and offering the organization enough motivation to undertake newer and more versatile ventures.

A seemingly simple task with the possibility to further institutional interests beyond defined horizons, let’s take a look at how to assess leadership and management strengths in an organization in a nutshell.

Core Skills That Should Be Tested Under Leadership and Management Strengths

What defines leaders better than, ‘One tree with a thousand branches’. Therefore, pin pointing each and every trait that builds a leader, is practically impossible. What is possible though, is judging candidates on the basis on specific leadership and management attributes that are directly relevant to organizations.

Here are a few parameters that almost all corporate and business entities take into consideration while assessing leadership and management skills…

Such levels of confidence and positivity demarcates leaders from the crowd.

Did you know… As per statistics, in the USA alone, businesses lose over $300 billion annually owing to workplace stress and 35% of employees identify their team leaders / bosses as the primary source of workplace stress and 80% believe that change in leadership can impact their stress levels in a positive way or otherwise.

Emotional Quotient therefore, is an attribute that no organization can take for granted while identifying future leaders.

How To Assess Leadership and Management Strengths in an Organization – Tools and Methods

Did you know, an estimated $357.7 billion was invested in leadership training at a global scale, the year 2020. The figures though, are predicted to rise through this decade with more and more organizations adopting the endeavor to strengthen their leadership and management base.

Following the

Embedded Psychology… people, quite unconsciously, tend to look towards the perceived leader when faced with a challenge. If more than 50% of the members have looked at one particular member in the group… that member is 100% likely to bear leadership potentials.

Different tools come with different primary features like feedback collection, comprehensive leadership assessment tests, strength finding, EQ assessments, Under pressure performance tests and more.

These tools can be used alone or in combination to achieve desired assessment outcomes.

Winding Up

Efficient leadership and management are the backbone of organizational success. Even though businesses / corporate endeavors at a global scale are experiencing a shortage of good leaders and managers, knowing how to assess leadership and management strengths in an organization the right way can help you discover latent potentials and hidden talents that can be buffed to further organizational interests and individual career goals.