10 Benefits of Microlearning for Modern Teams

Benefits of Microlearning

Many of us are probably aware of the accelerating nature of forgetting. Hermann Ebbinghaus’ “Forgetting Curve” reveals that we forget almost 80% of what we learn after 30 days! Now the question is how to transform this “forgetting curve” into the “retention curve”? How to create sticky learning experiences?  One of the most common expert […]

5 Ways To Help Every Employee Feel Like A Valued Teammate 

Ways To Help Every Employee

An unengaged,  devalued  team member could beget more damage than you  suppose. It’s not just a reduction in productivity or the expenditure of replacing workers but also the negative impact it has on the morale of your  team members and your office culture.   To understand this better let’s take the example of a corporate employee […]

15 Do’s and Don’ts of Leadership

Do’s and Don'ts of Leadership

Leaders are the ones who create transformation, they are the people who envision the future that we live in. Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela and George Washington are some of the most famous leaders from the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth century. Let’s explore their life and learn how they harnessed their talents to be […]

10 Essential Leadership Skills for the Modern Workspace

Leadership Skills for the Modern Workspace

The faster our workplaces are changing, the more flexibility is required in organizational structures. Our 21st-century work atmosphere apparently asks for more than just a growth mindset. You might not feel like being in a leadership role, but you will still require it because this is what the need of the hour is. Whether you […]

5 Things Resilient Teams Do Differently 

Things Resilient Teams Do Differently 

Resilience in any field is very important, and it is not something that you achieve overnight. It takes practice and patience to be resilient. When we run a business or an organization, individual resilience becomes a part of team resilience, and it is team resilience that decides the fate of a business.  You cannot escape […]

5 Pillars of Effective Employee Communication in the Workplace

Pillars of Effective Employee Communication

Communications in the workplace are the most important aspect of running an extremely productive and effective enterprise. When employees are educated and engaged and have a clear line of communication with bosses and colleagues, this helps create a positive work environment, which increases overall efficiency. In this article, we’ll discuss the five components of effective […]

Why Every Successful Leader Needs Leadership Coaching?

Why Every Successful Leader Needs Leadership Coaching?

The concept of leadership coaching is that it’s like being a shrewd weapon in the business world and management. This is a crucial tool for every leader who wants to keep growing and accomplish more, not simply for those who struggle at work. In this post we’ll look at the reason how every leader can […]

7 Types of Leadership Styles and How to Choose Yours

Types of Leadership Styles

Leadership is the most important factor in the success of an organization and can affect its culture, productivity as well as overall efficiency. Diverse situations and dynamics in teams need different leadership styles. Knowing these different styles and selecting which one is the best for you could significantly affect your performance as an executive.  In […]

Crisis Management for Leaders: 9 Powerful Mental Models to Stay Ahead

Crisis Management for Leaders

In the fast-paced, unpredictable environment, crises can hit in any instant, posing serious challenges to leaders in every sector. The art of managing crises isn’t solely about quick response, but also utilizing sound mental models that can anticipate the occurrence, avoid it, and maneuver through the toughest moments.  In this article we’ll look at the […]

10 Strategies for Building a Resilient Organization: Thriving in Times of Change

Strategies for Building a Resilient Organization

In today’s dynamic and uncertain market, resilience has emerged as an important characteristic of organizations trying to thrive amidst continuous changing and challenging. Resilient businesses are able to adapt, recuperate and grow in the face of the challenges.  They’re not just better prepared to face interruptions, but are also better placed to capitalize on opportunities […]

A counselling psychologist by profession, Abs specialises in addressing mental health concerns of adolescents, young adults, and adults including stress & time management, relationship counselling, substance abuse, domestic violence, perinatal problems, depression, loneliness, anxiety, sexual issues, identity crisis and work issues, among others. She believes that therapy can hold different experiences & meanings for each individual, thus using an eclectic approach with her clients.

Aditya’s passion lies in Career and Business Strategy. He loves Supporting executives and professionals with career obstacles such as self regulation, goal directed persistence, task initiation, planning/prioritization, role transition, organization and time management.

His clients share from the experience about their coaching engagement  that they feel his coaching is an experience that is engaging, highly energizing and making learning fun. He has a strong determination to offer something different, with the intention of helping others succeed in their walks of life.

His accreditations includes him being an Associate Certified Coach (ACC- ICF),Brave Spirit Icon 2017 I Youth Icon Recipient 2016 I National Service Excellence Award 2016 I National Education Award 2015 

His experience includes 50,000+ hours that involves facilitation/presentation/training/consulting on a wide variety of topics globally across Dubai, Sri Lanka, UK, Canada, Indonesia, Australia, USA. He has successfully engaged with over 1,00,000+ participants from diverse backgrounds working on a national and international assignment since 2014.