7 Best Examples of Gamification In Corporate Training

7 Best Examples of Gamification In Corporate Training

All work and no play makes Boba slow, unmotivated employee.

Humans are born with grey cells for a reason. Creativity, problem-solving, learning and bringing new ideas to life are part and parcel of our existence.

Therefore, being pushed into a mundane, monotonous yet obligatory role at work can leave the performance levels of otherwise productive geniuses making dust-angels at their career rock-bottom.

Things needed to change for the sake of employee motivation, target/goal accomplishment, professional learning and a general sense of happiness, positivity, team spirit and productivity in the workplace.

And thankfully, it has, with Gamification making its way into the scene of corporate training.

What is Gamification?

Gamification is an attempt to add game-like elements in otherwise routine work activities, including training and professional learning. For example, a company needs employees to complete a certain compliance certification within a set time frame.

Given that it is a requirement that may not directly translate into promotions or increments, employees may feel at liberty to complete the course at their own pace or may not be motivated to attempt the course at all.

Given that employing non-compliant team members for a significant period of time may reflect poorly on the image of the company, the latter can step up by Gamifying the process; and yes, this is as interesting as it sounds.


  • completion of the compliance course is set as the Goal
  • different components of the course are set as Levels to be Accomplished
  • just like a game, clearing each level comes with titles, badges, mini-certificates etc., which have till date worked phenomenally well as motivation boosters
  • team members are ranked through healthy competition
  • progress levels are measured on the go and are visible in real-time
  • tangible rewards are given out at the end of the course, which directly benefits the employee

Gamification makes any corporate learning environment strictly FUN! Everyone wants to participate, everyone gets an opportunity to apply and add to their skills, everyone gets a chance to earn rewards… a motivational catalyst, over and above their compensation packages.

7 Best Examples of Gamification in Corporate Training

The advantages of Gamification are multifaceted. From making the process of learning fun and easy to…

  • better retention of newly acquired information,
  • enhanced ability to multitask,
  • improved problem-solving skills,
  • maximized employee engagement
  • increased team productivity
  • quick and easy onboarding
  • smooth compliance/sales training and more…

…Gamified approach to corporate training is an inventive answer to the conventional workplace drab.

Here are the 7 best examples of Gamification in corporate training that tangibly contributed to better learning and performance-boosting.


When it comes to a gamified approach to learning… Duolingo, as an example, is no less than a masterpiece. Working on an ‘Octalysis Framework’ created by gamification Mastermind Yu-Kai-Chou, the platform effectively identifies human motivational forces and how these forces can be applied for enhanced learning and better user experience.

Factors linked with development and accomplishments like Streaks, XPs, Leaderboards, Progress bars, easy-to-grasp bite-sized lessons, new features to track goals, reminders in case of missed days in the app etc., all contribute to a gripping learning environment.

Companies that require their employees to learn a different language before being placed in a different country are thus in love with Duolingo for all the right reasons.

AstraZeneca’s Go-To-Jupiter

This gamified learning solution was aimed at training 500 medical representatives about a new anti-cholesterol drug with a new active ingredient. The primary objective of Go-To-Jupiter was to save costs with this voluntary

e-learning system.

The agents were required to play mini-games and answer quizzes that were centred around the new product.

Visually appealing with animations and multimedia graphics, AstraZeneca’s gamified approach to learning attracted a whopping 97% usage rate, and 95% completed the training with a high percentage.

Microsoft’s Gamified Approach To B2C Call Center Executive Training

Microsoft’s gamified approach to learning and performance training was aimed at transforming behavioural patterns of call center executives, improving skills and boosting sales without making the process dreary.

The games were complete with mini-tasks, leader boards for healthy competition among team members and incentives on the accomplishment of goals. Some of the instant outcomes included a 1.10% increase in productivity, 2.12% reduction in absenteeism and almost 2 times increase in employee awareness, compliance and industry knowledge.

Deloitte… Where Learning Is Fun

When it comes to a gamified approach to training, Deloitte has a clear edge over the rest.

Deloitte Learning Academy (DLA), an online training program for employees and clients, had witnessed a steady increase in participation levels after integrating lectures, tests, courses and quizzes with leaderboards, badges and missions.

In fact, the company recorded a steep 37% increase in the number of people returning to the site on a weekly basis.

US Army Recruitment Gamification

Gamification is the answer to the no-nonsense, expedited recruitment process… something that even the US army agrees to.

The gamified solution was aimed at walking enthusiasts through the life of a soldier thereby, enhancing awareness about this noble profession and shortlisting pre-qualifying candidates.

Heineken’s Gamification For Customer Engagement

The popular Dutch beer brand made a mark by applying a gamified approach to engage more and more fans, especially during the champion’s league matches.

Being an official sponsor of the Champion’s League, the Star Player game was launched where fans could download the app, play games and win points.

The game was also topped with predictive and trivia quizzes that engrossed users at all levels.

Even though this is not exactly an example of Gamification in ‘Corporate Training’ per se, it still showcases how Corporate entities can use Gamification in furthering their aims and objectives.

Cisco’s Gamified Learning Network

Cisco has used Gamification in their training programs from time to time, and there is not just one example that one can focus on. Incorporation of Gamification in their learning network so that a load of enquiries on the Admins could significantly reduce was an outstanding success.

The process was simple… It only requires employees to learn by answering questions and gaining certifications at the end of the course.

The incorporation of Knowledge Guru to their Sales Associate Training Program back in 2013 was a huge step in preventing mistakes on the part of the new recruits, thereby saving on possible losses on the part of the company.

Final Thoughts

The future is gamified

As per statistics, 89% of employees feel more competitive and enthusiastic about a workplace task if it is gamified. Could there be a better reason for more and more corporates at all levels to embed Gamification into their learning system?

From certifications to productivity-boosting and from building a healthy work environment to boosting productivity… nothing is beyond the scope of this multilevel, multifaceted innovation.

For companies that are on the path of getting their learning system gamified, it is best to start with tried and tested software/apps for the purpose.

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