Keeping yourself motivated is a real challenge. Isn’t it? You might find it surprising that certain habits can drain your motivation.

If you want to keep yourself motivated, it could come down to adopting a new routine and making better habits.

Here are the 5 motivation killing habits you should Ignore:

Comparing yourself to others

It is easy to lose motivation when you keep making silly comparisons. You won’t be able to start any task if you keep comparing yourself to other people. You’ll likely waste a lot of your time thinking about the privileged position that another person is in versus what you should do to get there.

Appreciating someone and treating them as your mentor is a great way to earn success. When you constantly compare yourself to others, you’ll never find the necessary motivation to start and accomplish a task.

Thinking more about outcomes

People often focus on the end results rather than focusing on the processes and actions required to get there. And, this is one of the motivation killers one should ignore. Taking on a significant life change or finding the motivation to deal with something meaningful during your day is not always easy.

Start approaching your challenges step by step. Instead of focusing on all the work that a particular task demands, focus on the steps, and you’ll surely accomplish much more than you desire.

Not having a goal or a plan

It is quite challenging to stay motivated without a goal or a plan. When you have goals in your mind, you always find ways to keep yourself motivated. Properly structured goals can help you overcome a challenge. You can lay out a roadmap to guide your motivation and build success in the future. Without any direction, you won’t find the necessary motivation.

Procrastination and distraction

It is easy to spend hours on social media and get lost on the Internet. These habits can waste a lot of your time. You can fix a time for activities that consume a lot of your time and don’t contribute to your goals. Scheduling some time to watch television or even browse the Internet on our phone makes sure that you’re not wasting your energy and time on unnecessary things. Proper scheduling for these types of activities will also help you with the process of keeping yourself motivated by having set tasks to do at specific times.

Neglecting Health

Working late nights is not going to boost your motivation. Neglecting your health kills your motivation. When you don’t get enough amount of sleep, or you are feeling low, it can be extremely tough for you to access the energy that you need to complete important initial tasks or even set goals for yourself.

Make sure that you always take care of your health and energy levels and adopt a lifestyle that can help you have better motivation and better overall energy levels.

So, these are some motivation killing habits you should remove from your life. Start breaking some of these habits to see a change in your energy, motivation, and lifestyle.

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